Workplace competency assessment solutions for personal and professional development are used across Africa. These solutions can be very valuable for companies and individuals, if they are applied correctly. From my experience I know that this is not the case. None of the solutions I found, take into account the African culture and the development context in their design. We therefore have to challenge the assumptions behind the tools, their application and results.

Na-zanga is a given name from the Mambwe people in the Northern province of Zambia; it means to discover or to find the solution, to what you have been seeking.

Zanga African Metrics uses technology to develop online human capital development solutions that are adapted to the African culture and context, thereby increasing the relevance, impact and sustainability of the results. Our solutions are scalable across businesses, and countries.

We join forces with those at the frontline of innovation in Africa; those who are realizing the development aspiration for the continent and its people. 


To support wealth creation across African generations.


  1. Ubuntu – I am because you are, you are because I am.

  2. Purpose – I was created to respond to a need in the world for my generation.

  3. Professionalism – I do my best and I do it well.

  4. Passionate – I believe in and enjoy what I do.

  5. Life learner – I am always learning and co-creating my success.

  6. Integrity – I do what’s right irrespective of the consequences.


Zanga African Metrics is a Zambian, female-owned specialized company in the design and development of human capital development solutions for success in Africa. We use cultural and  behavioural insights to reflect how people actually make decisions and act on them in an African context. To develop our solutions, we drew inspiration from many African and international thought leaders.


Our team brings together a powerful partnership with over 50 years of combined experience in leadership development, entrepreneurship, industrial psychology and national development in Zambia, Africa and internationally; in both the private and public sectors.


We thank the world's #1 Coach and Educator, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, and the Marshall Goldsmith Knowledge Philanthropy Project, for inspiring us and giving us permission to adapt and use his work, including the "6 Daily Questions," in our Self-Coaching App.


Founder & CEO of ZANGA

Our team is led by a successful entrepreneur Nankhonde Kasonde-van den Broek, who has built companies from scratch in Zambia. As our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Nankhonde is an Organizational Change Architect & Professional Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation). She has over 20 years of experience in multi-nationals, international organizations and Governments.

Nankhonde is an accomplished professional with a wealth of African, international and multicultural experience in designing and leading large-scale change across multiple sectors. She believes that locally-developed solutions can further transform, sustain and compliment the pace and impact of development efforts in Africa.

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Following a decade working in international development and international finance with the United Nations and the Global Fund to fight Aids TB and Malaria, Nankhonde returned to Zambia to pursue her passion for human capital development and change management in Africa.



martin kalungu banda

Martin Kalungu Banda is a globally renowned leadership expert and thought leader. He is a Core-Faculty Member of the Presencing Institute and Visiting Fellow of the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford University's Said Business School.

aicha evans

Aicha Evans, is the Chief Executive Officer of self-driving car company Zoox. Aicha is the first African American female CEO of an autonomous vehicle technology company and has an impressive career in engineering and technology. In 2021 she was listed by Forbes Magazine on the Top 50 over 50 Women proving success has no age limit. . 

Mitali Chopra 

Mitali Chopra is a business coach based in London working with talented businesses, helping them to reach their true potential. She has led multi-million dollar business units in leadership roles for GE, Microsoft and GoDaddy. 

bob yang

Bob Yang has extensive experience building long-term winning IT strategies for large organizations. He has a strong passion for IT and has worked for a Fortune 500 company for ten years.

kambeu banda

Kambeu Banda is a managing partner at Octopus Financial Solutions. He has extensive experience in the Financial Sector & Investment Relationship Management, Commercial Property Finance and Collateralized Trade Finance.



#1 Executive Coach & #1 New York Times Bestseller, Dr. Goldsmith gives away his work for free through the Knowledge Philanthropy Project. A legacy & gift to the world to use, adapt & create lasting impact for humanity. 

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A business psychology consultancy that specializes in designing and delivering bespoke workplace assessments.

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An online assessment platform for recruitment, people development and accreditation.